That hormones govern the lives of many women can sound somewhat dramatic and exaggerated. But whether they are related to us being more or less attractive is debatable.

However, the idyll between estrogens and beauty has long been a thing of the past. There are very curious studies concerning this, in which more than one of us would have liked to participate, but as a researcher, of course, no one offers to get rid of your defects.

Now you’ll see what I mean.

Have you ever come across a woman, and find yourself staring at her hands, neck, and her face and wondering how old she is?

Well, something similar was done by a group of scientists in a study on the estimation of age in women, and it turns out that those who calculated the most years, just by looking, had the fewer estrogens circulating in their bodies. In contrast, those who appeared to be younger had very high levels. The results were surprising, although criticizable because they did not take into account whether they were smokers or not. A detail that the skin rarely overlooks.

Then it was the turn of attractiveness. And not one, but several studies agree that the most attractive, most feminine, and healthiest looking women also have the highest estrogen levels. Even within the menstrual cycle itself, it turns out that the days when you’re at your prettiest are the days when you’re fertile, and therefore, with the estrogens at there peak.

But nothing lasts forever. After a period of full apogee around 20, estrogens decreases up until the age of about 50, when menopause arrives and the great hecatomb occurs.
As far as estrogens are concerned, of course, I don’t want to depress anyone.

So what happens to our skin? Well, everything. And whoever has already passed thirty will agree. To be exact and without wanting to sound like a cosmetic advert: flaccidity, sagging, spots, wrinkles…

Estrogens provide an adequate thickness to the dermis, which is the middle layer of the skin, increasing the amount of elastin and collagen, and preventing the latter from being destroyed. But in addition, they retain the water that is in this layer, so the skin is turgid and well hydrated.

So while they are there, they are wonderful!

In nature, nothing happens without meaning. The fact that a woman is TECHNICALLY more beautiful during the fertile time of her life has its logic. At least evolutionarily speaking.

The difference between a pre-menopausal woman and a post-menopausal woman is, without a doubt, the ability of the last one to bring babies into this world. That’s what it’s all about, sharing your precious genes with the other sex, so it is better to do it with the one who is younger and healthier and assures you long life for your offsprings.

But be careful, this isn’t up to men, women or even religions to decide. It’s for our genes, which are so goddamn difficult.

By the way, the picture above is of my grandmother, a couple of days before she died at 98. Without collagen, elastin and many wrinkles. But she was beautiful in every way.

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